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"The process all went very smoothly. Staff organization / recruiting was very good & timely reminders were helpful too. The venue was in a good location and easy to find. Staff there were very efficient." — Julie (December 2015)

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the focus group on Thursday! I so enjoyed the experience and the time just flew by." — Sophia (October 2015)

"As always, it was a pleasure. I was made to feel an important part of the experience. Your staff were warm and welcoming," — Chris (December 2015)

"It was a very enjoyable and straightforward task, both online and the focus group. The people were all super lovely (both the researchers and other group members) and that made it easy to make friends and do the study. Thank you for the awesome experience!" — Jacob (November 2015)

"I really enjoyed the group last night! It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and I was certainly made to feel comfortable and very welcome and included. I would definitely be happy to do something similar again." — Leisa (February 2015)

"This was my first experience of a focus group so I didn't really know what to expect going into it... I just hoped it wouldn't be boring! It was great... heaps of fun! It was really interactive and informative and it just seemed like our opinions really mattered and that we could affect change as a product consumer." — Christina (October 2015)

"I recently participated in a two part online community and focus group. I found the subject matter fun, the forum engaging and the activities stimulating. The entire process was seamless and credit to the team at Realtime Research for being so responsive and personalised." — Jilong (November 2015)

"I found this market research session fantastic. The location was very easy to find and was set up very well inside. Communication fro Realtime Research has been fantastic, from the initial screening, thorough to reminder texts and emails with location details and information about the session." — Anika (December 2015)

"I had heaps of fun at the recent focus group! The session was interesting, there was a good mix of attendees (even though we were chosen for our age group) and the facilitator moved conversation along nicely so we finished right on time, unlike other sessions I have attended with other companies." — Susan (October 2015)

"I have done a few market research sessions over the years-and this one was by far the most organised and comfortable I have ever participated in! The parking was convenient, the staff friendly and efficient - I felt bad taking the money!!" — Sharon (December 2015)

"I loved it! It was my first focus group experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked that it wasn't a big group and that the focus was on something related to us - it was fantastic!" — Beverley (February 2015)

"Thanks for the research last night. I really enjoyed it and came home and told my hubby it was one of the best ones I have done!" — Rachel (February 2015)

"It was a great session I really enjoyed it - relaxing in bean bags was cool – the 3 hours flew by… Well done!" — Wayne (February 2015)

"Just wanted to commend you on your professionalism in recruiting and confirming us prior to the session. On the day everyone was very friendly helpful and quick which was great." — Susan (December 2015)

"I think your staff should be praised on how well the whole process worked from beginning to end." — Annette (December 2015)

"The facilitator was amazing. She made everyone feel really comfortable and feel like they were actually being heard. It's not always easy to speak about personal taste with new people but the tasks really brought people together." — Tanya (February 2015)

"The focus group was interesting, well organised and ran on time. Perfect and well done." — Rina (February 2015)

"It was very well facilitated so the two hours flew by. The venue and refreshments were first class as was all the communication and organisation in the lead up. Looking forward to the next one." — Farai (February 2015)

"All in all, a smooth and very professionally operated project by Realtime Research. Thank you for making it hospitable and fun for us!" — Anna (December 2015)

"I think the RTR crew did very well. Everyone was polite and friendly there was minimal wait times and the taste test was easy and fun." — Ashley (December 2015)

"Realtime Research should be proud of the way this taste test was facilitated and the fantastic staff at reception and once inside the tasting booths." — Caroline (December 2015)

"I am joined up with several market research companies, and I honestly think Realtime Research are the best! You have a team that are very professional and polite. Unlike some other market research companies with taste tests, you are well organised and timely with the sampling of different products. Your emails clearly explain what is required and the SMS texts are appreciated as a reminder for upcoming focus groups and taste tests." — Justine (December 2015)

"Realtime Research were great. From the survey, to the call back and the email which included directions and information needed for the day, I was really impressed and found the whole experience seamless." — Rebecca (February 2015)

"As usual communication is always 100% with email and text confirmations. The team at Realtime are always pleasant and easy to deal with." — Melanie (February 2015)

Realtime Research is an Australian company that provides an opportunity for you to take part in PAID Market Research opportunities across Australia.

You'll have the chance to give your opinions on the products, services and issues you experience in your everyday life and you'll receive REAL rewards! 

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  • We pay REAL money. Not points, credits or coupons!

This is a great chance to participate, to have a say and play a part in the decisions companies make about their products and services.

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